Firefox Does Not Clear The Cache

Started by Skhilled, April 09, 2017, 01:28:21 PM

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I've found this info out today from Underdog/nalpalmz:

QuoteThe devs for Firefox do not have their browser clearing the cache when the history is cleared.
This causes the browser to be slow when the cache is large & also it causes an issue when testing apps/mods that have recent changes to html & js.
I noticed this issue when testing recent changes I did to some of the arcade games which were behaving as if I made no changes yet looking at the files via FTP I was sure that changes were applied.
Clearing the history was having absolutely no effect but the clear cache addon solved the problem.

Anyhow, I suggest anyone that likes to use Firefox to install & use this add-on for it:


Wow that'sn interesting to know, thank for the info. I have now installed the button
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