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Author Topic: Lego - Folkestone Leas Lift  (Read 591 times)

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Lego - Folkestone Leas Lift
« on: November 15, 2015, 12:00:37 PM »
I decided to build a copy of the Folkestone Leas Lift. I created the Lego carriages first then built the track and board after.

They travel up and down using an NXT controller block that I put in one carriage that controlled the speed, distance and timing. They are linked together via a piece of nylon bricklayers line that loops around wheels at the top, as the one with the controller in it is heavier than the other it pulls the lighter one up when it's going down and then the lighter one just goes down under it's own weight. The one with the controller has another piece of line attached to it and is fixed at the top and it pulls it self up and down as the line wraps itself around a wheel on the base.

This is the real thing


This is my build

869-1 871-2 873-3 875-4




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